It’s all about CACI

    Ever wondered how some celebrities just don’t seem to age? J -Lo, Madonna, Emma Stone, Lady GaGa, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Snowdon (to name a few) are all massive fans of CACI, and its award winning non-surgical Facelift treatment.

    More and more people are choosing CACI’s revolutionary non-surgical technologies over expensive, painful and risky invasive techniques such as Botox and Fillers in order to achieve youthful, radiant skin.

    Giving dramatic, visible results after just one, 1 hour treatment, and without the need for invasive surgery or anaesthetic, CACI technologies have been voted the UK’s most effective anti-ageing treatments.


    This incredible micro current toning facial uses a combination of specific wave forms and ultra-low frequencies. The electrical energy stimulates and re-educates the muscles, resulting in improved muscle tone, re-defined facial contours and noticeably, smoother looking skin.

    Your skin will be beautifully hydrated leaving you with the most wonderful glow!

    Why we, our clients, and the world love CACI

    It works. It’s also very affordable, and as it’s non-invasive, you can enjoy a mini facelift in your lunch break! The results can be dramatic after just one treatment, and you’ll look and feel a million pounds after the recommended 10 treatments.

    In additional to their much loved, non-surgical facelift treatments, CACI also impress with their range of Body Toning & Tightening Treatments.


    Also boasting a huge celebrity following, these treatments comprise of slimming, body contouring, anti-cellulite, detoxifying lymphatic drainage, muscle toning and breast enhancement, all giving dramatic results, fast. Infact, one session is usually equal to:

    • 360 perfect sit ups
    • 360 perfect leg raises
    • 360 perfect buttock clenches

    Perfect for those wanting to rock a Peachy Bum with minimal effort 😉

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    To find out more about  award winning CACI anti-ageing treatments, or to arrange your complimentary taster session, please contact the salon on 01908 969516.